How to purchase Pre-Sale Pylon Eco Tokens (PETN)

Dear all,


In our recent article, we informed you about the launch of the Pylon Eco Token (PETN) pre-sale campaign. As our executive team received many inquiries regarding the PETN purchase procedures, we decided to provide information regarding this matter in this article.


OK, now in detail how it works! First of all, you need to visit our official website: and press on the “Register” link in the upper right corner of the main webpage.



When clicking on that link, you’ll be redirected to the registration page, where you need to indicate the following information: your sponsor (referral) ID and name (if such is exist), your e-mail address, password and etc. After that, please click on register.



After the successful registration within the PETN system, please go to the main webpage again and click on the “Log In” in the upper right corner of the page.



After that input your e-mail and password and click on “Sign In” button.



When you sign in, you’ll be directed to your PETN account settings page. Please, click on the “Pre-Sale” link there.



When you click on the “Pre-Sale” button you’ll be referred to the “Presale” web page, where you can see the pre-sale options and packages that are available at that moment.


Currently, the silver package is not available anymore, because all 250 000 token units have already been distributed.


Now, you can choose either “Gold” or “Diamond” packages and after that please click on the “Get your Tokens” button.



When you press that button new window will pop up, where you should choose the PETN units that you’d like to purchase.



When you press on confirm button, you’ll be able to make an actual purchase of Pylon Eco Token (PETN) units.


Our friendly advice to all those, who have a desire to buy PET, to not procrastinate it, otherwise the Gold or Diamond package may already be distributed.