PETN ICO Token Buyback Information

Pylon Eco Token (PETN) project would like to remind and clarify the ICO token buyback program as stated in the project Whitepaper. The exact text can be found in the Token Details section in the whitepaper


All the ICO tokens are buyback on the original price for those who purchased without a referral, and referral incentives are deducted for others. The buyback program is valid for 365 days from the date of your ICO purchase, and this entire process may take up to 365 days to complete. The ICO buyback is only valid if the ICO tokens are not used to transfer or consume any product or services directly or indirectly. In addition, the buyback program does not cover any tokens sold by the company after listing to the secondary markets.


Let’s elaborate on the above statement from the whitepaper. 

  • This buyback is valid only for those ICO tokens.
  • This buyback can be claimed within 365 days of the token purchase. After 365 days are passed company is not obliged to buy back ICO Tokens.
  • Any tokens sold by the company after tokens are listed on the secondary markets like centralized and decentralized exchange are not valid to claim in this process.
  • Before claiming the ICO buyback of your tokens, It should not be used by any means directly or indirectly or transfer or use of products or services.
  • Those who have purchased tokens directly on the website without a referral will get buyback at the same price. This applies only to those who have signup under the admin.
  • Those who have purchased tokens through a referral other than admin will get their ICO token buyback after deducting the referral incentives of 10%, already spent as referral incentives.
  • It will require the same days to complete the ICO buyback; which means how many days later you apply for buyback from the date of purchase, same days require to complete the buyback process. This is because the project will burn more cash raised in the ICO as time goes. Due to this reason, we need more time to manage funds to buy back your ICO Tokens.


If you qualify with all the above details, feel free to ask for ICO buyback if you wish to no longer own the PETN tokens and get your money back. If you like to participate in the buyback program, then login to your account, create a new support ticket and select the ICO Buyback program in Ticket Type.



There is nothing to do from your side if you believe and have patience with the project. Crypto projects require building community and delivering the products/services, and the community starts using them, which will bring value to the project.