Pre-sale of Pylon Eco Token – PETN in more than 50% Discount Ranges


The management council of Pylon Eco Token (PETN) is proud to announce that we intend to conduct a pre-sale event for those who are interested to purchase PETN. As you probably know currently PETN is traded on the spot market of XT.COM crypto exchange against the Tether (USDT). At present moment the PETN is traded for around $0.70.



If you remember, in our previous blog posts, we promised our supporters and followers that we plan to offer many surprises to you, so Pylon Eco Token executive team keeps its promises and we decided to offer 2 million tokens on a pre-sale and you can purchase them for a much lower price than it is available on XT.COM Exchange.

Here is a pre-sale condition:


  • We are brining the as smaller amount possible to buy PETN
  • We’ll offer Pylon Eco Tokens below the current market price
  • 1000 PETN maximum units can be bought in each pre-sale type
  • Sold tokens will undergo unlocking procedures on a yearly basis


For those, who never heard about the Pylon Eco Token (PETN) before. It is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) based Governance Token, with the benefit of Utility Token, Security Token & Cryptocurrency. It is Deflationary, also provides Staking Reward. We are the first in the Crypto Industry to offer a Buyback Guarantee of all ICO Tokens. It is used in plenty of our Open-source ecosystem projects in Daily life. Through the different ecosystem projects, we can bring the mass adoption of crypto globally.


This is a great chance to become a co-owner of a project that does have a promising future. You’ll buy PETN below the market price! That is an opportunity that may knock on your door once in a lifetime! Don’t miss it!