Community Building Competition Contest

Dear all,


As we promised in one of our previous blog posts, the management council of the Pylon Eco Token (PETN) project will offer you nice surprises and offers. So, starting from Tuesday and will end on Monday. We are launching a “Community Building Competition” that is aimed to increase awareness of the PETN project among the crypto investors community. The winners of the contest will get the 100 PETN!


Contest Period: Sunday to Saturday


In order to be eligible for the contest, the participant must:


Join our Facebook and Telegram group:




Like or follow our official pages:




To win the “Community Building Competition”, the participant should do the following:


  1. The contestant must invite members to our telegram group or Facebook group for community building.
  2. If a participant manages to invite people in both groups, the jury will credit both.
  3. The contestant must provide the username of his/her friend that he/she invited to the telegram group, and he/she has to provide a screenshot of the friends he/she added to the Facebook Group.
  4. The contest period starts from Today Tuesday and will end on Monday.
  5. The participant must comment his/her PETN receivable wallet address ( or Trust wallet )  of it’s Facebook Post.


The criterion for revealing the winners of the contest:


  • The participant who will invite the biggest number of members will be rewarded.


Therefore, to win the contest you’ll need:


  • To be active and be an influencer
  • To invite as many people to the project as possible


Good luck!