Details about Pylon Auction – Pylon Eco System

The Pylon Eco Token team, in nearest future, will present to the wide audience one of our valuable projects – the Pylon Auction, where individuals from all over the world would have an opportunity to place bids and get the product they desire at comparatively low prices and our staff members will ensure timely delivery of those merchandises to the doorstep of the winners. But in order to do that, we would like to inform the honorable clients, how the entire auctioning system works.


First of all, you need to register on the Pylon Auction website. This is an easy process, you just need to indicate your full name, email, and password that you’ll be using to log in to the system. Later, you’ll get an email in your inbox to confirm your credentials.


After that, you are able to log in to the website and select the product and auction that you like, and start placing bids.

Here are a few tips for successful bidding:


  • Place your bid within the last 10 seconds – when you place a bid in the last ten seconds, you know the time will reset and you’d be recognized as the winner. If someone else bids, time will be added and you’ll get another chance to bid.


  • Bid on the cheapest products – you can get some great deals on our most expensive items. However, these items also tend to generate the most competitive auctions. Fewer bidders bid on cheaper items, meaning that you are much more likely to win.


  • Closely monitor other bidders’ activity – view the details of the last ten bids placed and try to figure out: who is bidding? When do they place their bids?


  • Quick free bids – each time you are the highest bidder; your bidder bar fills up. When the bar is full, you can claim your free bids and your level goes up. During “quick free bids” promotions the bar fills up faster, meaning that you will earn the next level and the free bids faster.


  • Daily Returning Bidder Reward – keep on the bidding rally! By placing bids on consecutive days you increase the cap of your Daily Returning Bidder Reward. The maximum number of daily returned bids is 30 and depends on the number of bids you placed yesterday.


  • Auctions starting at the same time – more excitement, more deals. The timer counts down to the starting time of the auctions. Make sure to be online early enough to check out all the auctions before they start to make sure you find the most interesting products.


  • Bid pricing – the bid price may change daily depending on the active offers. Make sure to check out the current offer often, not to miss out on the cheapest days.


  • Auction leaderboards – when the Auction leaderboard promotion is active, the three bidders who have collected the most time as the highest bidder in an auction will earn additional bid rewards.


So, by following these rules you increase your chances to become a successful bidder.