Details about Pylon Cash – Pylon Eco System

The Pylon Eco Token (PETN) team intends to present to the community a new platform – Pylon Cash that is a part of the PETN ecosystem. That is a groundbreaking service that will allow anyone to convert PETN and other cryptos into fiat money.


In the future, we plan to establish partnership relations with the leading P2P trading services and add more features, like PayPal to Western Union, Perfect Money to Neteller money exchange service, and many others. For the service, we’ll charge a small amount in USD comparing to other companies. Later our team also adds the fiat currency conversions with the best possible rate that you can find on the Web.


Pylon Cash intends to form a partner company network through its affiliate program. Our company partners will have an opportunity to generate significant incomes by placing banners on their websites and thus sending customers to Pylon Cash.


The Pylon Eco Token (PETN) team reckons the project to become highly lucrative. So, we strongly believe that all these measures will contribute to elevating PETN value in the future.