Pylon Eco Token – Introduction

Pylon Eco TokenA DeFi, Governance and Deflationary Open Source Ecosystem based Project. For the first time in the Crypto Industry with Buyback of all ICO Tokens. Daily used in plenty of Ecosystems to bring mass crypto adoption. With Open Source and Staking Reward Incentives Earning.


Get your Tokens to decide the future of the project !!!

With the increase of crypto usage, which ends the country’s borders and government control over our finances, we would like to offer you our token that can be used for the daily purchase of products or services worldwide.

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Pylon Eco Token has plenty of ecosystems that can bring together products and services which we are using in our daily life globally.

From Mobile Topup & Gift Cards, Travel (Hotels/Flights) booking, E-commerce, Auction, Gaming, Crypto wallet & Exchange and Payments & Cards solution. These diverse online businesses and open source ecosystems provide significant leverage to use our tokens and make a profit at the same time.

We plan to distribute 9 million tokens as referral incentives, airdrop, and for marketing projects.

The company Pylon Eco Token will reserve 10 million tokens as a liquidity reserve.

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In the stakeholder ICO phase, we release 40 million tokens, and later, we intend to distribute 10 million tokens in the Private and Pre ICO phase and 20 million to sell in exchanges. We have already completed the stakeholder and private ICO phase. It is expected to complete the Pre ICO phase soon.

Only less than 10 million Pylon Eco tokens left before listing to exchange.

Per transaction fee, open-source community development funds, staking incentive funds, and burning of tokens to be determined by voting.

25% token is released every year in linear (very less chance for pump and dump). The release starts after the first exchange listing.

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Feel a bit confused reading a long story? Here is a real quick summary.

Innovative features:

  1. 99 Million total supply which will be around 98 Million before the ICO phase completes.
  2. DeFi Governance Token provides the benefit of Utility Token, Security Token & CryptoCurrency.
  3. Deflationary Token by Burning in every transaction.
  4. ICO Token are all Buyback Guarantee.
  5. Guarantee Portfolio backs the ICO Tokens.
  6. Cross Chain available in BSC (BEP20) and Ethereum (ERC20)
  7. Having the biggest ecosystem, used in daily life to bring mass crypto adoption.
  8. Handover ecosystem to the open-source developer community.
  9. Open-source Community developer fund secured from every transaction.
  10. Staking Reward Incentive fund secured from every transaction.
  11. 10% token spend on referral incentive, marketing, and Airdrop from the total supply.