Successful Completion of Private ICO

We want to share with you positive information. This is regarding the completion of the Private ICO. It is a second phase within the entire ICO process (the first stage was stakeholder ICO).

During the Private ICO phase, there were 2 options concerning the purchasing of Pylon Eco Tokens (PETN).

  1. You could purchase 40 000 tokens in one lot
  2. Person had an opportunity to buy a fraction of the lot, 1 token unit = 4 fractions

In total 250 people participated in the Private ICO phase. The inception of the Private ICO was not as active as it was at the end. Many people waited till the last minute to buy PETN and some of them could not make a purchase, because tokens were quickly sold out.

Therefore, we advise future PETN holders, do not to wait till the last minute and plan a purchase ahead of time, so you would be able to obtain the tokens.

To those who had a desire to buy a PETN during the Private ICO phase, but were unable to do it for some reason, we offer to participate in the current Pre ICO phase that is also not going to last long.

Private ICO Status Completed

Total Participated : 250

Distributed Unites : 250.00

Distributed Tokens : 10,000,000 PETN

Total Contributed : 400000 USDT

Duration: 2nd July —- 6th July