English version of whitepaper launched !

The Pylon Eco Token team managed to compose a new version of the whitepaper, where we reflected all the changes that occurred during the very first inception of the project.


Firstly, regarding the token. We transform our token into a governance token that will entitle the current and future token holders to some new rights: voting for the projects that Pylon Eco Token staff will commence. Due to these changes, the token holders will decide what projects will get funds and by how much every individual project will be funded.


Undoubtedly, this is great news for Pylon Eco Token holders, because they will be owners of a token that has the following features:


  • Governance token
  • Has qualities of security and utility token
  • Could be used as a cryptocurrency


Deflationary is also a key value of a project this keeps on creating value to the project the more it gets used.

It will increase the value of the token and the project as a whole.


Secondly, our team launched and completed successfully 2 ICO phases: stakeholder ICO and private ICO and currently we run the Pre ICO stage. It is envisaged to distribute another portion of 10 million tokens during this ICO phase as well.


The new version of the whitepaper not only reflected these positive changes that are being happened, but also it has a new design and structure that makes navigation through this document is much easier and quicker.