Why Pylon Eco Token is Powerful – we have to know

We are a Blockchain-based International company, registered in Tbilisi, Georgia. Our mission is to bring real mass adoption of crypto in daily life. We are a Utility Token, which provides the benefit of Security Token and CryptoCurrency. It has a behavior of Deflationary Token with Staking Incentives and Guarantee Portfolio. It is used in plenty of our Open-source ecosystem projects in Daily life. It brings the actual mass adoption of crypto to the people globally.

Those ecosystem projects are planned to open source in the future to bring more mass adoption by individuals by running their business utilizing one of our ecosystem products or services, while we remain as maintainers of the ecosystem projects. All the individual business owners using our ecosystem must have a minimum deposit of Pylon Eco Token for settlements.

For regular cash flow, we also maintain the investing portfolio (Real Estate, Online Trading, and Ecosystem Platform) from the funds raised from ICO, which helps to run the project and provide Incentives to the token holders.


We have a daily use case ecosystem as follows:

PylonCharge: this service provides a wide range of payments in Finance, Gift Cards, Government, Insurance, Internet, Landline, Mobile, Television, Transportation, Utilities, and VoIP services across the globe.

PylonTrip: through this sister company, we intend to provide a wide range of payments required for your travel needs national and international Hotel Reservations, Flight Tickets, Car Rentals, Cruises, Trains Tickets, and Insurances around the globe.

PylonMall: due to this company we envisage offering millions of products with the best price guarantee. Starting from the USA, we are opening new countries for local delivery of all our products, upcoming countries are India, Australia, China, and Russia.

PylonPlay: this service will offer wide collections of games for adults and non-adults for free or paid for real-time earnings. You can play as a challenge with your friends. Games are across racing, shooting, adventures, puzzles, cards, toss, roulette, slots, arcades e.t.c.

PylonAuction: through this company, we plan to provide a wide range of products in the auction where you can participate and place your bids on your desired price. We have products available for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly deadlines for it.

PylonWallet: due to this service, people will be able to buy, store, exchange and earn crypto using our trusted and secure crypto wallet. We offer internal wallets along with external wallets. Using internal wallets to transfer across ecosystem sites in your account is fast, secure, and free of cost.

PylonExchange: this service will fulfill the growing demand for crypto across the globe, we offer the widely used top crypto to buy, sell, or trade. Some of the cryptos are BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, TRX, XRP, BNB e.t.c.


PylonCash: through this company, we’ll offer the payments and remittance service, through which you can cash out your token values in fiat currencies through its channel partners. It will also offer prepaid debit cards to users worldwide through the exchange of your tokens.

If you think of any new ecosystem to be added to the project that will bring mass adoption to the community we love to hear from you and would like to contribute by bringing those products and services into daily use.

Starting from July 1, 2021, we commenced an ICO process and offering a wide audience an opportunity to become a token holder of the Global Fund, which operates in many sectors of the economy.

Detailed information about our Pylon Eco Token (PETN), you can find on our website: www.pylontoken.com

Please, get acquainted with the project whitepaper by following this link:



You can easily find us on:

Telegram: https://t.me/pylonecosys

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pylonecosystem

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pylonecosystem