Why is Pylon Eco Token (PETN) considered as the best choice for investors?

The Pylon EcoToken is a DeFi, Governance and Deflationary Open Source Ecosystem based Project. It also provides the  Staking Reward, and is backed by a guaranteed portfolio. Additionally, 8 different ecosystem projects (various businesses) back the project. This fact shows us that the company has strong fundamentals, which increases its value on the market.


It is anticipated that Pylon Eco Token will be ranked among the top hundred cryptocurrencies by market capitalization in the near future, when the executive team of PETN will commence to bring to life those ecosystem projects. We should also take into account that the PETN project is supported by the strong community, and its technology surpasses many analogues.


Before we go deeper, let us explain to our readers what the above mentioned ecosystem projects look like.

Mobile Topup & Gift Cards | www.pyloncharge.com

Provides a wide range of payments in Finance, Gift Cards, Government, Insurance, Internet, Landline, Mobile, Television, Transportation, Utilities and VoIP services across Africa, Americas, Antarctic, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

Travel (Hotels/Flights) | www.pylontrip.com

Provides a wide range of payments required for your travel needs national and international Hotel Reservations, Flight Tickets, Car Rentals, Cruises, Trains Tickets and Insurances around the globe.

E-commerce | www.pylonmall.com

Offers millions of products with the best price guarantee. Starting from the USA, we are opening new countries for local delivery of all our products, upcoming countries are India, Australia, China and Russia.

Online Auction | www.pylonauction.com

Provides a wide range of products in an auction where you can participate and place your bids on your desired price. We have products available for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly deadlines for it.

Offers wide collections of games for adults and non-adults in free or paid for real-time earnings. You can play as a challenge with your friends. Games are across racing, shooting, adventures, puzzles, cards, toss, rullets, slots, arcades e.t.c.

Crypto Wallet | www.pylonwallet.com

Buy, store, exchange and earn crypto using our trusted and secure crypto wallet. We offer internal wallets along with external wallets. Using internal wallets to transfer across ecosystem sites in your account is fast, secure and free of cost.

Crypto Exchange | www.pylonexchange.com

As a growing demand of crypto across the globe, we offer the widely used top crypto to buy, sell or trade. Some of the cryptos are BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, LTC, USDT, TRX, XRP e.t.c.

Payments & Cards | www.pyloncash.com

It offers the payments and remittance service; through which you can cash out your token values in fiat currencies through its channel partners. It will also offer prepaid debit cards to users worldwide through the exchange of your tokens.

Through the Pylon Eco Token system the users will be available to pay for different services worldwide using PETN platform that should contribute to the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies in the world. It will enable millions of people on planet Earth to raise the standard of living.


Additionally, when we talk about the future of the PETN project the following fact should be considered: when all ICO phases have been completed the price of the PETN was $ 0.12 and currently, it is traded for $ 0.70 on the XT.COM crypto exchange. This is a more than a 5-fold increase in value since autumn, 2021. Very few cryptocurrencies have demonstrated such a stable increase in value.


So, the main advantages of Pylon Eco Token are:


  • It is a Decentralised Finance (DeFi) based Governance Token, with the benefit of Utility Token & Cryptocurrency;
  • It has the biggest ecosystem, used in daily life to bring mass crypto adoption worldwide;
  • First time in the history of crypto world, the PETN management council guarantees 100% buyback of all tokens released during the ICO phases;
  • Tokens are backed by the well balanced financial portfolio;
  • PETN is a deflationary in nature, as we burn 0.99% in every transaction;
  • Staking Reward fund from transaction fee of 0.5%.


All these measures will increase both the price of PETN on crypto Exchanges and value of the project. So,we could say that the price of the PETN project is undervalued compared to other similar projects and we all will witness its tremendous rise in the near future.