More Information About Pylon Eco Token

We are a Blockchain-based International company, registered in Tbilisi, Georgia. Our mission is to bring real mass adoption of crypto in daily life.

We are a DeFi Governance Token, which provides the benefit of Utility Token, Security Token, and CryptoCurrency. It has a behavior of Deflationary Token with Staking Incentives and Guarantee Portfolio. It is used in plenty of our Open-source ecosystem projects in Daily life. It brings the actual mass adoption of crypto to the people globally.

Starting from July 1, 2021, we commenced an ICO process and offered a wide audience an opportunity to become a token holder of the Global Fund, which operates in many sectors of the economy.

Funds that will be raised due to the sale of Pylon Eco Token (PETN) during different ICO phases will be invested in the different sectors of the economy.

Initially, the investment priorities will be determined by the executive team, but when the entire ICO process will be completed, the voting system is intended to introduce and the project value allocations will be decided by the majority of votes of Pylon Eco Token investors.

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