Information about our team member – Shishir

The next team member that the Pylon Eco Token management council would like to introduce to the public is Shishir Pokharel, who serves as an IT specialist and a software engineer in our project.


Information technologies are rapidly developing and more and more of them enter our lives every day. We encounter them everywhere: at home, at work, on vacation. We often admire the achievements of science, but we quickly forget about those people who directly change our lives – software engineers. We should always remember that it is people with engineering thinking who design our life, make it the way it is now. Those are the people who shape the boundaries of tomorrow. These are the heroes of modern times. The evolutionary development of mankind solely depends on the knowledge and skills of specialists of this type.


We would like to assert that Shishir Pokharel is among those people. Pylon Eco Token (PETN) management council is very delighted to have such a valuable professional in our team.


Shishir participated in many projects that contributed to the development of many Asian countries and currently, he creates and maintains the advanced infrastructure of our project, allowing us to create a new reality for the whole world that will change the lives of millions of people on the planet. He transforms complex code into simple processes that make our ecosystem projects more efficient. Shishir’s mission is to empower all Pylon Eco Token employees to tackle daunting challenges. Additionally, he tries to elaborate audio/video (AV) streaming technology to bring it into the blockchain.