Information about our team member – Lutz

The Pylon Eco Token (PETN) project team would like to reveal information about our staff members to the public. This way, we want to show that the project is managed by high-ranking professionals in their respective fields. This time, we are proud to introduce the real trading legend, the honorable Lutz Flechsig – the Head of our Online Trading department.


Please, meet Mr. Lutz Flechsig. He is originally from the Netherlands but currently resides in Hungary. His life motto is “constant pursuing to perfectness never ends”. He has more than 30 years of experience in trading. Lutz commenced trading in the mid of 1980s by conducting speculative operations on different US stocks. He made his first, very modest profit by day trading the stocks listed at NYSE Exchange, and after several successful deals, he realized that this type of activity could bring a real fortune. So, commitment, steadfastness, and hard work that is built in his character delivered excellent results in few years, and needless to say that for Lutz they were simply exceptional.


In the following years, he managed to increase his trading capital by five times, and at the same time, he maintained a low-risk level on his portfolio. It definitely drew the attention of a few companies that were operating large sums of money, most of the pension and mutual funds. So, it allowed Lutz to trade using the capital of institutional investors.


As the portfolio that he was managing became more and more complex, he started to conduct operations with commodity futures and later options. Lutz also made many successful deals on the FX market, trading currency pairs, and CFD contracts.


When cryptocurrencies have been introduced to a wide audience, he was one of the first traders who timely comprehended the potential that the entire crypto industry offered to mankind both in terms of security, trading, and business funding. He believes that no single market can offer such big volatility to traders as crypto instruments delivering now.


Currently, Lutz trades option contracts of different crypto instruments. The Pylon Eco Token team is glad that we have such a professional trader and in addition good and kind friend in our team.


When we ask him what is the main secret of his success as a trader, he tells us that the key to success is the ability to listen to the market, live in a time with price fluctuations, and not try to impose his opinion on it.