Details about Pylon Exchange – Pylon Eco System

The Pylon Eco Token (PETN) team proudly announces that we intend to launch the Pylon Exchange project that is an integral part of the PETN ecosystem.


This is another effective measure that will contribute to the steady growth of token value. It is intended to list not only PETN tokens but many other tokens and cryptocurrencies as well. The Pylon Eco Token executive team has elaborated intelligible and obtainable criteria for coin listing on Pylon Exchange.


The most important is that we do not charge the project developers to list their coins on our Exchange, not a dime. As you know many Exchanges make the same statements concerning non-charging the project development team, but in fact, they have to pay a significant amount of money in order to get listed on Exchanges.


It is envisaged to launch the spot trading both with USDT and BTC pairs and later we add futures and options trading as well. We’ll offer easy to use and sophisticated web trading platform to execute trades on Pylon Exchange.



We have a desire to meet the needs of different players: investors, long-term, short-term traders, day traders, and scalpers. For that reason, we intend to partner with different software companies that specialize in the development of trading platforms. As the result, our clients will have an opportunity to connect their Pylon Exchange accounts to the modern trading platform through the API key and execute trades.