Information about our team member – Mikheil

Today the management council of Pylon Eco Token (PETN) would like to introduce the youngest and brightest member of our executive team Mr. Mikheil Chitadze, the head of Pylon Play.


Despite his young age, Mikheil is extremely skillful in graphic design. He used to work for different international companies in the past, where he managed to reveal his talents in graphic creation, animation, and design.


Except for graphics he adores gaming and everything that is connected with this industry. Mikheil has extensive experience in game development and promotion. He is a big fan of cloud gaming and he explains the reason for that.


Notwithstanding that this industry is one of the most popular forms of entertainment for people around the world the video games market has emerged with cloud gaming technology that could dramatically change the way we interact with games. Because cloud gaming is a new perspective for the development of the video game industry as a whole.


The main feature of cloud gaming is the transfer of the computing load from the player’s device to a remote server, which renders the game image and transfers it back to the user. Thus, the user does not need to have a powerful gaming computer or smartphone to enjoy the quality of modern computer games.


This way a young innovator tries to open a Pylon Play website to the billions of people, including those from the developing countries, who for certain reasons cannot afford to have sophisticated pc machines.


The novelty of this type is really topical nowadays because interest in online gaming has grown significantly over the past two years, as lockdown tied people to the house and limited the number of new experiences. The gaming industry was one of the few industries to see double-digit growth during the lockdown.


After the removal of restrictions related to self-isolation, market growth slowed down, but the habit of playing games remained. And if consoles or PCs are associated with a long gaming session and high costs both for equipment and for the games themselves, then mobile gaming for many turned out to be a more convenient and affordable alternative. The download of games increased – users began to expand the list of games, tried new ones, and made purchases easier.


This is the world statistics that is difficult to ignore and the Mikheil belongs to those group of young business leaders who spotted the new tendencies in the gaming industry and furthermore elaborated the detailed action plan aiming to address the new market demands. In his opinion, we all live in a dynamically changing world, where companies who respond earliest to the needs of the market will have the best chance to get the biggest slice from the new market niches.


Because of Mikheil’s vision, the constant pursuit of newness, fervor, and leadership qualities, the management council of Pylon Eco Token (PETN) decided to appoint him to the position of the head of Pylon Play. We are proud that young business leaders like Mikheil choose our company for the fulfillment of their dreams and undertakings.