Information about our team member – Ashok

Today the management of the Pylon Eco Token (PETN) council would like to introduce the leading member of our executive team – Mr. Ashok Gautam.


Ashok is a blockchain expert with extensive knowledge of servers and IT security. During his employment, he did his best to protect information data and supporting infrastructure from accidental or intentional tampering that could lead to data loss or unauthorized alteration. This way he helped many businesses to ensure business continuity and stability.


He has served as system admin in Internet Service Provider, IT Manager in a Bank, CEO in Fintech and Blockchain company. Additionally, Ashok is one of the co-founders of the Pylon Eco Token (PETN) project and authorized representative of this project. Due to his zeal and commitment, our venture grows rapidly.


As a highly qualified IT specialist and a person strongly affiliated with the financial sector, he quickly comprehended the benefits that blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and tokenization could offer to the world. He believes that blockchain has tremendous potential for making fundamental changes for the better. This technology is certainly capable of transforming both business and our everyday life.


Ashok thinks that several business revolutions await us ahead. As a result, we will see rapid growth in business development based on cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. In the modern world of high technologies and rapid changes, it is very important to rethink business models and archetypes in general. Decentralization of business through the implementation of blockchain technology should allow people to wage business activities without traditional intermediaries, like insurance, financial, medical, legal, and other industries. It will undoubtedly speed up development, expand the horizons for businesses, and cut unnecessary spending.


When we ask Ashok, why the invention of cryptocurrencies is so important, he replies: “So you are asking what is the peculiarity of cryptocurrencies? For the first time in the history of mankind, money was issued not by the state, but by people. And the meaning of the blockchain is that people themselves can control many processes, and they do not need states, banks, they do not need those who served communications between people. And we get the technology that allows us to make a social and economic revolution by removing the central regulatory “expert” structures from economic life and creating direct relationships between people, between the producer and the consumer, and this will greatly change the economic system. The most important characteristics of the blockchain are not only a decentralized, non-hierarchical system of accounting for any change in title, it is actually a new form of social consensus or social contract. All previous social contracts of the last 300-400 years were contracts between elites and society. There is no place for elites in the form of a social contract that blockchain technology can offer us today. The blockchain actually eliminates the very physical need for the existence of any centralized systems, abolishes any metaphysical systems in the form of a state, company, corporation”.


So, inspired by these notions, Ashok with his associates decided to make a contribution to this process. They analyzed the entire crypto industry, revealed the weak points of the system, and came to the conclusion to create a Pylon Eco Token (PETN) that is a DeFi governance token, with the benefit of the utility token, security token, and cryptocurrency. At the same time, the PETN is a deflationary token that provides staking reward and it is backed by a well-balanced financial portfolio. What is most important the Pylon Eco Token will be daily used in plenty of company’s own ecosystems that should cause bringing crypto to mass adoption worldwide.


As our reader could see, both Ashok and our project members have highly ambitious plans that will, by all means, come true. The Pylon Eco Token (PETN) management council is really proud that our project is headed by a purposeful person with a clear vision of the future, who by his example inspires all members of our team, and as a result, our company reaches more and more new heights in a building of a better future for humankind.