Information about our team member – Lasha

Today the Pylon Eco Token (PETN) management council would like to introduce our executive team member – Lasha Martashvili, who serves as a financial analyst at our project.


Lasha has extensive working experience as a trader and all-embracing comprehension of financial markets. He started his career as a trader back in 2000, where he was executing day trades on the US equity market. The job of the day trader is quite harsh and stressful, but once you stick in to the work and completely dedicate yourself to trading, you’ll get a nice payoff. That is exactly what happened to him. When Lasha got his first paycheck at the end of the month, he understood that he could get the world by the tail.


Since that time he continuously kept progressing as a professional. As he evolved as a skilled and proficient specialist, Lasha started to trade with different financial instruments, mostly derivatives: futures and options contracts on commodities and FX products. Later he concentrated his entire activity on day trading on Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).



In the late fall of 2008, a new world financial crisis began to develop, the Bears strongly stepped into the market and gained control over it. It was a time of unusual and unseen volatility that crisis brought in. Stock markets demonstrated new lows each day, all the stock indices used to make more than 1000 points move in a day. Despair, angriness, distrust, and uncertainty in future was a common phenomenon. But for the CME day trader that was a period of opportunity. The prop trading company that employed a Lasha made a real fortune that time. Lasha’s contribution to the overall success of the company was substantial.


When the market started to stabilize Lasha moved to swing trading and long-term investing. He was in charge of the creation of balanced portfolios composed of different asset classes. Under his guidance and supervision company elaborated different hedging strategies for those portfolios.


Later, he used to work for different Forex brokerage companies. It enabled him to fully comprehend the peculiarities of the industry operates within.


With the inception of cryptocurrencies, a new era has commenced. Lasha quickly understood what opportunities this market would open to traders and investors if it is approached in the proper way. High volatility, liquidity, and ability to connect different professional trading platforms to traders’ accounts through API key and quick and timely withdrawal profits from the trading account to trader’s banking account or credit card make this market very attractive for scalpers, day traders, and even for long term investors.


When we ask him what are the reasons for his success, he replies discipline, discipline, and discipline again. Additionally, he asserts that there is no place for heroes in trading. All the heroes have been in the cemetery for a long time. Try to find at least one living hero. It is necessary to understand that traders are not heroes, not cowboys or playboys. There is no room for desperate heads in trading. Prudent, pragmatic, disciplined, and hardworking people find themselves here. There is no easy money on the market. To consistently succeed in the financial market, you have to work harder than the rest of the folks. In order to work hard and stay motivated, you need to love the job you do. Therefore, if a person is not in love with trading, it will not be easy for him to operate at this place.


In the end, we would like to state that Pylon Eco Token (PETN) management council is very proud and delighted that we have such a high-ranking professional and a good friend of ours on our board.