PylonCharge a one stop payment solution

Pylon RechargeAmong the 8 ecosystems of Pylon Fintech, one of them is PylonCharge. PylonCharge is here to make your life simple while dealing with online bill payments. Every one of us uses different services and devices which are essential in our daily life like television, internet, mobile phones, VoIP services, etc.

So, when it comes to paying utilities manually it consumes a lot of time and sometimes it may not be feasible for people who are too busy with their life. Therefore, we have launched PylonCharge to make utility payments simple by providing a wide range of payment options.


PylonCharge allows you to pay:


  • Mobile top-up
  • Insurance premium
  • Landline bills
  • Internet bills
  • Transportation fees
  • Television bills
  •  VoIP services and
  • Other utilities


Besides the above-mentioned services, PylonCharge can even be used to pay government bills and it also offers varieties of gift cards and coupons. Benefits that PylonCharge provides are:

Every payment done via PylonCharge is secure and fast. We use the best security protocols to make online payments safe and secure. We assure you of the privacy of each transaction made through PylonCharge.

Through PylonCharge you can check easily if your payment is successful or not. There are different statuses displayed as completed, pending, declined in every transaction, so you can track whether your payment is accepted or not.

Similarly, you can carry out any transaction from anywhere anytime using PylonCharge. It is available in many parts of the world including Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas, and Oceania.

Many people are not able to remember utility bills as there are so many services they use. So, PylonCharge makes it convenient for such people as they can simply look at their payment history and prevent them from paying fines issued by service providers.

All in all, PylonCharge is undoubtedly a one-stop payment solution for all your utilities