Pylon Charge is a platform for many top-up services worldwide


Pylon Recharge

Pylon Charge is an inimitable service that offers a wide range of assistance to its customers worldwide, concerning recharging balance on phones, purchasing television packages for your TV, renewing balance on your urban transit ticket, paying bills to your internet provider and for utility services, and so on.


With the help of Pylon Charge, our customers are able to recharge a phone (both landline and mobile) anywhere in the world. This is a very quick and simple process.


We can also help you to recharge your urban transit ticket directly from your PC or mobile that will definitely save your time.


Do you need to pay bills for your cable TV network? Payment through Pylon Charge is the easiest and effective way to do it. You can do it from any place, does not matter where you are located, even if you in a business trip in a foreign country. The only thing you need is internet access.


Due to our service, you can also pay your internet provider as well. The process is easy and expeditious.


Pylon Charge also helps you to pay for governmental services. Does not matter what amount you need to pay; you can simply use the facilities of our company to proceed with it.


So, as you understand, the Pylon Charge is a universal prepayment service that you can use to address your needs regarding the most efficient and quick payment procedures notwithstanding the payment type.