How to Purchase Pylon Eco Tokens Units

Pylon Eco Token Purchase Guideline

Please follow these steps to purchase the tokens during the Pre ICO phase from the company website.

Please login into your account:

Note: Click on [ Remember me]

– That will remember your login, no need to log in from time to time.

Please proceed to ICO – Page —

Click on :: ICO

You will see the current ICO phase and available tokens amount for sale

Click on the “Get Your Tokens” Button.

You will see 2 Choices, Either full Unit or Fraction Unit of tokens. Remember that, fraction costs a higher price than a full unit of tokens.

But We purchased a Full 1.00 Unit Token. Clicked 1.00 Unit token, and Confirm.


When you complete the purchasing of Pylon Eco Tokens, this message will pop up. You will see it at the right top of the page.


Now you can check the dashboard:


We can see the allocation of the purchased tokens of 10,000.00 PETN

We hope this tutorial was useful for you.


You can check our Video Tutorial too.