Information about our team member – Bishal

Today the management council of Pylon Eco Token (PETN) would like to introduce the next member of our executive team – Mr. Bishal Bhandari, who serves as a Community Developer at the PETN project.


Bishal is a true crypto enthusiast and entrepreneur. He has a strong vision regarding the development of the crypto industry and the PETN project. His crypto passion has evolved from trading.


Bishal started his career as an FX and commodity trader. Traders are people of a special temper who make money on price changes in the stock and commodity markets. Besides that, Bishal is an experienced investor, author of unique investment techniques and courses. He invests in real estate, cryptocurrencies, stocks, IPOs, securities. Bishal conducts over 100 investment transactions per year. He has a versatile personality. Mr. Bhandari never misses the opportunity to earn money. He worked really hard and it allowed him to achieve success both as a trader, investor, and entrepreneur.


Nowadays, he thinks that his mission is to pass the knowledge and skills to other people, so they can get the complete realization of their potential as he managed to do it in the past. So, hundreds of people have already passed training on how to correctly invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies under the guidance of Bishal, and they managed to apply the knowledge and skills which were gained in practice.


When cryptocurrencies have been introduced to the world community, he quickly realized what earning potential they possess. As a result, he dived into this new venture with all his energy and ardor. Finally, years of hard work and commitment enabled him to become a jubilant winner in this new field.


When we presented a concept of Pylon Eco Token to him and offered a seat in our executive team, Bishal agreed without hesitation as he believes that PETN has the potential to change the lives of millions of people worldwide and as a highly ambitious person he wants to be in a forefront of changes.


As a renowned and influential person among the business and finance community in Australia, he urged many young investors and businessmen to connect their life and future well-being with Pylon Eco Token (PETN). Consequently, the management council of Pylon Eco Token is very delighted to have such a prominent person on our team.