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Pylon Eco Token Purchase Guideline Please follow these steps to purchase the tokens during the Pre ICO phase from the company website. Please login into your account: Note: Click on – That will remember your login, no need to log in from time to time. Please proceed to ICO – Page

August 5, 2021

Since its presentation to the public, the Pylon Eco Token (PETN) has undergone a transformation. Initially, it was issued as a utility token, with the qualities of securities token and cryptocurrency. But as the project evolved further, the founding team decided to upgrade PETN to the status of governance token.   As it is known

July 29, 2021

The Pylon Eco Token (PETN) team is glad to announce that our token will be listed on the XT.COM crypto exchange. Just several hours ago representatives of the crypto exchange made an official announcement regarding that. Please, click on that link and you’ll be forwarded to the XT.COM exchange website and you’ll see their announcement

July 28, 2021

As Pylon Eco Token (PETN) continues to develop, our team launches new ecosystem websites. As you know, the PETN project is totally composed of different ecosystem businesses that are united under one umbrella. An additional website (beta version) is supposed to be released soon. It is the Pylon Trip project. As it is known, the

July 27, 2021

Travel arrangement has always been hectic and difficult. Getting flight tickets, reserving hotel rooms, managing transportation is easy only if someone organizes these on behalf of you. While there are many online travel agents (OTA) you are still insecure and cannot easily trust them. So, we have PylonTrip to cater all your needs and provide

July 26, 2021

Ecommerce to this date has established it as one of the fastest-growing industries. Online shopping has become so popular that people these days can’t imagine living without it. Pylon Fintech has come up with an easy, reliable, and secure online shopping platform- PylonMall. At PylonMall you get almost every product you wish to purchase. While

July 26, 2021

Among the 8 ecosystems of Pylon Fintech, one of them is PylonCharge. PylonCharge is here to make your life simple while dealing with online bill payments. Every one of us uses different services and devices which are essential in our daily life like television, internet, mobile phones, VoIP services, etc. So, when it comes to

July 25, 2021