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Today the management of the Pylon Eco Token (PETN) council would like to introduce the leading member of our executive team – Mr. Ashok Gautam.   Ashok is a blockchain expert with extensive knowledge of servers and IT security. During his employment, he did his best to protect information data and supporting infrastructure from accidental

August 29, 2021

Today we would like to introduce a prominent figure and really committed person – Mr. Darwin Jayme that serves as a community developer at Pylon Eco Token (PETN) project. From the very inception phase of our venture, Darwin was the fervent supporter of our project and later he decided to join our team. All his

August 28, 2021

Today the Pylon Eco Token (PETN) management council would like to introduce our executive team member – Lasha Martashvili, who serves as a financial analyst at our project.   Lasha has extensive working experience as a trader and all-embracing comprehension of financial markets. He started his career as a trader back in 2000, where he

August 25, 2021

Today we would like to introduce to a wide audience a high-ranking professional, dedicated employee, author of many novelties for the Pylon Eco Token project – Ms. Tatiana Kvekveskiri.   She is the head of our Real Estate department. Tatiana has extensive working experience in the Real Estate field that she obtained while working for

August 21, 2021

The next team member that the Pylon Eco Token management council would like to introduce to the public is Shishir Pokharel, who serves as an IT specialist and a software engineer in our project.   Information technologies are rapidly developing and more and more of them enter our lives every day. We encounter them everywhere:

August 20, 2021

The Pylon Eco Token (PETN) project team would like to reveal information about our staff members to the public. This way, we want to show that the project is managed by high-ranking professionals in their respective fields. This time, we are proud to introduce the real trading legend, the honorable Lutz Flechsig – the Head

August 19, 2021

One of the most promising developments of the Pylon Eco Token team is the Pylon Play project. Due to this website, people from different parts of the planet can spend their leisure time by combining entertainment, education, and pleasure.   We are able to offer a wide range of games from highly intellectual, like chess

August 12, 2021

If you want to participate in the ICO process of Pylon Eco Token, then you need to register first. To do that, please carefully follow the steps indicated below.   To register within the system, please use the sponsor’s invitation link, or visit our Pylon Eco Token Home Page, or just click on the right

August 9, 2021