First day of trading of Pylon Eco Token (PETN) on XT.COM Exchange

The Pylon Eco Token (PETN) management council is proud to announce that PETN was listed on XT.COM Exchange on August 31, 2021, and starting from September 1, anyone that has an account at XT.COM could execute trades on Pylon Eco Token.


According to the agreement with XT.COM Exchange Pylon Eco Token will be traded in pair with Tether, on a spot market, later we add other pairs and futures market as well. Currently, any person has the possibility to trade PETN/USDT pair.


As our readers may know, the executive team of PETN closed the Pre ICO phase in August. During that phase 1 token unit was sold by $0.12. So, many traders, investors, institutional players, and even supporters of our project, used to ask a simple question, what will be the inceptive price of PETN/USDT when the trading will commence on XT.COM.


On September 1, 2021, when trading launched the initial price was $0.49. Later after an hour, it reached a $0.98 price level, and after that price has been gradually going down and stopped at the $0.50 price level.


Later, when PETN was listed on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and other rating websites the number of buyers has increased on the market and the price has started to steadily grow.


Institutional market observers have detected at least 2 good qualities of Pylon Eco Token:

1) High liquidity – if you look in the DOM (Depth of the Market), where we can see the limit orders placed both on the Bid (buy limit) and Ask (sell limit) side, it is evident that spread (difference between ask and bid volumes) is always equal to $0.2 or sometimes it is even smaller. This feature is a typical phenomenon only for extremely liquid financial instruments.



When the first trading day closed, observers detected more than 1 million traded in volume on that particular instrument that is a positive sign.


2) High rating on special ranking websites – currently CoinMarketCap labeled PETN as one of the highest growing tokens in the crypto space. Such a high recognition from such a reputable organization in the very inception phase of Pylon Eco Token project development shows that not only retail traders and individual investors but institutional players demonstrated their interest in the PETN.



As the latest developments show us, PETN already got high recognition among both crypto enthusiasts and institutional traders, so it has good potential and future.