Information about our team member – Darwin

Today we would like to introduce a prominent figure and really committed person – Mr. Darwin Jayme that serves as a community developer at Pylon Eco Token (PETN) project. From the very inception phase of our venture, Darwin was the fervent supporter of our project and later he decided to join our team. All his peers at the PETN project describe him as a goal-driven achiever, who is able to act and perform effectively at all organizational levels. These words perfectly depict his true plucky character.


Darwin is a versatile programmer who knows how to work on both the client and server-side. He can make a project from scratch, understands databases and server configuration. He knows how to deploy the infrastructure for the full operation of our web application. He can present the products and services of our organization to a wide audience around the world. Thanks to his abilities, the recognition of our brand grows and so does the number of our followers.


Darwin is able to develop marketing strategies for our project, and he is directly involved in the recruitment and training of marketing teams. He also constantly advises us on market research, market segmentation, branding and etc.


When we ask him what is the secret of the success of the projects that were managed by him, we get the following reply: marketing is the basis of any successful business. The first thing that I did whenever I started to work on any project was to develop a marketing strategy and its elements for the needs of a particular project. Therefore, the results of my activity were not paper concepts, but working marketing systems. Taking on each new project, I and the team with which I happened to work analyzed a large amount of data and delved into the specifics of a particular company and its industry. This allowed me to develop solutions that generated profits for my clients. The ultimate goal of any successful project is to identify growth points and develop an action plan to achieve them, but this cannot be achieved without carrying out the above-mentioned routine work.


It should also be noted that in addition to knowledge of web development and marketing, he is an entrepreneur with strong foresight. In the past, he managed to develop and implement many interesting projects that have changed people’s lives for the better.


Therefore, the project managing council is confident that his presence in the executive team of PETN will greatly enhance our ability to achieve the goals set by our team.